Article in the Richmond Sentinel for the Book Launch of Hello My Name is Ken on World Down Syndrome Day March 21st /18


Testimonials About the book.

I had the pleasure of meeting Diana Frizell author of the new book “Hello My Name Is Ken”. A touching tribute and a powerful call to action. Ken’s story is a bellwether for the needs of our aging Down syndrome population.- Wayne Leslie CEO Down Syndrome Research Foundation


” Wow, what an accomplishment for a first book.

The author has captured:

1. a biography and tribute to a very special person

2. a very entertaining story for anyone to read

3. an education and understanding of Downs Syndrome

Everyone should read this book.” -Don L.-


“Well I have finally gotten your book and have read it.


What a book Diana!  What a wonderful tribute to Ken! And your life with him. I cried all the way through the book…it was beautiful! Yet sad…

 Our family is pretty much at a place where we too are having a difficult time getting Val into 24/7 care for her AD and associated difficulties. Val’s caregiver is done, both emotionally and physically.

 Diana, thank you for writing this book on behalf of all of us who need this additional support and resources once AD appears.

Thank you” -Trudy G.


“MaryAnn Calgary.  She is just bubbling over with emotion as your beautiful books arrived yesterday & she is halfway through already & reads it to Mick too.  She will give the second book to Lincoln’s (a 7-month downs child), mom and dad later.   MaryAnn says what a wonderful story & what a great writer you are as she feels she is right there on every page.  I have heard that more than once Diana.  So, you have a special gift, no question.”


“Oh my… just finished chapter 10. Gotta get another glass of wine and a tissue. Such a great book to read. I almost hate picking it up to go into the next chapter as I know it brings me closer to the end of the story.” Sharon O. NFLD


“I was totally moved beyond words many times while reading this story written through the eyes of a loving sister!

Wowed by a family with one common purpose.  LOVE!

Souls that agreed to a journey of strength, courage, determination, love, faith, compassion, gratitude and acceptance.

The degree of faith that was demonstrated on a daily basis was amazing.

-Beth S.-


“Wow Diana! What a heartbreakingly beautiful tribute to an incredible “Fella” ….and the amazing family who shared in his life’s journey. You did an awesome job with this book and I’m sure your Mom & Jim must be very proud of you for finishing it. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Ken, I feel as if I’ve been touched by the purity of his spirit and can honestly say that I was moved to tears many times while reading the stories. Thank you so much for sharing!!   -Cindy B.-


“Your story is excellent! – It’s very engaging. I love the flow and the style – it is very personal and yet relatable to the reader. draws the reader right in. The opening is perfect – birth to death, and now the reader wants to know what happened in between.”   -Jan L.


“Each chapter made you want to read on and learn more about Ken’s life. This book, written by a loving and insightful sister was a roller – coaster of emotions. It was easy to celebrate the successes in this young man’s life and, at the same time, recognize the ways in which our health care system could have provided more support for Kenny and his family.”    –Bea

“Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories of Ken.


I laughed, cried, smiled and counted my blessing for having met Ken and volunteering with SO. (Special Olympics)

At the best of times, AD is a difficult disease for all involved. I can’t imagine how devastating it must have been not to have recognized or received a doctors diagnosis that Ken was affected.

Your love for him shines throughout the book and, wherever he is, he still feels it.” – Chantal B.


“Just thought I’d tell you I think your book is wonderful 🙂  I started reading it a few days ago, after finishing my last book.

It’s clear that this was a labour of love for you and just how much you loved your big Bro.  I really like the way you did the chapters, writing mini-stories with a theme instead of a continuous timeline.  Such bittersweet stories though.  Last night I read a few chapters, and the end of the Best Man chapter had me in tears – although it wasn’t the first time that happened while reading it. I’m also learning some things I didn’t know.

 It’s such a great tribute to a special person.  I just wish I had met him at some point!!!

You were right…. there were lots more tears to come in those last chapters!!!  Such an amazing journey for your family.  And your mom……..

You did an amazing job on the book.  I hope it makes lots of money for the cause!  Can a donation be made outside of the book purchases?”  – Birthe L.


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