Diana is the loving sister to an incredible brother with Down Syndrome. Only 15 months his junior, they were inseparable from the day she was born until he passed away at age 51.

As a professional career woman for the past 25 years, helping people grapple with the challenges and strategies related to finance, Diana has become an advisor, workshop facilitator, speaker and now published author who believes in the power of story. How a good story can not only explain, motivate and inspire, but also tell the truth about something, so many can understand, and deal with emotional topics in ways that heal and bond people together. “Hello, My Name is Ken” is the first book she’s written and it comes from her heart. In this book, she tells the life story of just how amazing this fella was in her life. She lives in Beautiful BC Canada and enjoys the great outdoors, time with family and friends, and living a life full of love, compassion, unconditional acceptance and joy…just the way Ken taught her.